Motorcycle Accident Defense


Car accidents are serious matters, but motorcycle accidents tend to be exponentially more dangerous because the likelihood of devastating injury or death is that much higher.

Unfortunately, collisions involving motorcycles generally lead to more serious injuries than car-against-car accidents and may result in hefty medical expenses, emotional and physical suffering, lost income, and a decreased quality of life.

Why spend time trying to figure out your legal options on your own or what steps you need to take next, when an attorney can work on your behalf to help you take appropriate action? We have represented hundreds of people injured while driving a motorcycle. We know the challenges involved in these accidents including getting medical bills taken care of while you’re not working as you recover from your injuries and proving that you were not at fault for the collision. We want you to focus on your recovery instead of the financial hardship, let us battle the insurance company to get your medical bills paid, your lost wages recovered and your future medical expenses taken care of.

At Nightingale Law Firm, we know how devastating motorcycle accidents can be. We’re prepared to offer you help, legal advice, and advocacy as soon as you contact us to discuss your case.

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