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Robin Nightingale

I have lived in the Tampa Bay Area nearly all my life. After graduating from law school over 14 years ago, I began my legal career representing insurance companies and quickly learned I was on the wrong side of the battle.  After a year and half of learning the tactics used by insurance companies use to avoid paying claims, I left and have dedicated the rest of my career to helping injury victims and their families.

During my years in practice I see time and time again that all people want is communication with their attorney, respect from the insurance company, and accountability from the at fault party. I know how important your case is to you. I will communicate with you and have compassion for what you are going through and how your life has changed. I will also aggressively fight the insurance company for you and hold the at fault party accountable for his or her actions.

I want to be your attorney. Call me and I will listen to your story, answer all of your questions, present you with your full range of legal options, and, most importantly, help you seek justice. Call me to arrange a free no obligation consultation.


  • Moved to the Tampa Bay Area in 1980
  • Educated in the Pinellas County Public School system from 1980-1994
  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Georgia Southern University in 1997
  • Graduated with a Juris Doctorate from Boston College Law School in 2000
  • Moved back to Tampa Bay Area in May 2000

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